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One day the gaffer of my young son's soccer team either retired or just gave up ( I can't remember which) and the club approached the parents for a volunteer to run the team. For some reason, I put my hand up and - hey presto! - I was a youth soccer coach!

soccer coaching kidsI tried to make my first training sessions fun and effective but they were hard work and not a little stressful. I remember having problems with discipline and I wasn't too sure how to teach the basic soccer skills. To be honest, I felt like giving up.

But after taking an FA course, reading loads of books and manuals and checking out dozens of websites, I began to realise where I was going wrong.

I made a few simple changes to the way I prepared and managed my football coaching sessions and straightaway they became more productive and enjoyable for everyone - including me!

In an attempt to help other people who suddenly find themselves in charge of a youth soccer team, I've collected together all of the information that I've ever found useful and published it on this site.

There are hundreds of pages of drills, small sided games (SSGs), articles, practice plans and, of course, the famous footy4kids forums where you will get quick, friendly advice from experienced youth soccer coaches. There are also sections on tactics, health and safety, how to teach soccer skills and the basics of youth soccer coaching. You can even download coaching manuals!

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