fun soccer game for 5 to 8 year olds to encourage teamwork

Objective: To encourage teamwork.

Set-up: Divide your players into teams of six or less.
  • Create a 30x15-yard channel for each team, using flat cones.
  • Place a turning cone at the end of each channel.
  • Each team needs one ball.

How to play:

The first player dribbles a ball up the channel, around the cone and back to his team mates.

The starting player then links arms with the second player on his team and they dribble the ball up the channel, around the cone and back to their team mates again.

Another player joins the chain gang after each lap until all the players are in the chain.

The whole team must negotiate the course without breaking and keep their ball under control.

If the chain breaks, the team must start that lap again.

Change the starting player between every race.

Play the best of three or five races.

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