keep the yard clean game

a basic soccer skills coaching game

This game is simple, fun, and easy to adapt to account for various team sizes and experience.

How to run the game

Create a 'neutral area' between the two teams where no player is allowed. This area can be as small as one yard and as big as 10 yards wide. The width is determined by how far the players can kick the ball.

Each player starts with a ball at his or her feet.

On command, each team tries to keep their side of the game zone free of balls by kicking their ball over to the other teamís side.

After an appropriate amount of time (when the balls become too scattered, or the players are losing focus), stop the game and count which side has the most balls on their side.

Distribute the balls evenly for another try.

After players have found some success with the basic game, try these variations: 

Players can only use their left foot.

They can throw the ball back.

They must dribble the ball around a cone that has been set up in the middle of their "yard" and then kick it back.