make your players feel special

Ten simple ways to boost your players' self-esteem

1. Greet every player by name as they arrive for football training sessions and matches - it's the easiest way to make them feel wanted.

2. Take an interest in your players - find out what they like doing when they're not playing soccer.

3. Make sure every player starts matches - don't start with the same line-up every week.

4. Acknowledge effort - you want your players to give 100% so say 'Well done!' when they do.

5. Give your players responsibility - you don't have to run every training session, let them choose what to do sometimes.

6. Be kind - never criticise a player in front of their team mates.

7. Encourage risk taking - don't stifle creativity. If a player wants to dribble the ball out of defence, praise them. They will learn by the results.

8. Give players individual, achievable targets, for instance, for a player who doesn't like to tackle you can set them the target of making two tackles in a match. That way all your players can be winners.

9. Make every player a key member of the team - there's something special about every one of your players. Tell them what it is.

10. Rotate your team captain - all young soccer players like to be captain for a day.