small sided soccer game to help keep possession

This is a good small sided game to play. It really makes young players think. It also helps them learn how to keep possession and play composed, careful football. 

Objective: to improve support play, finding space, keeping possession.

Experience: U10 and older.

Set-up: create a playing area for a small sided game.

How to play: this game lasts five minutes and a team can only win by one goal.

So once team A scores, they simply have to keep possession for the remainder of the game to win.

Team B - if they are thinking - can now dispense with their goalkeeper and have an extra outfield player.

If team B equalises within the five minutes, both teams now try to score the winner.

Coaching notes: once you've explained the rules, sit back and watch.
  • Does the losing team realise it does not need a goalkeeper?
  • Does the winning team keep possession by playing the ball back as well as forwards? Many young players will always try to attack, even when they don't need to.
  • If your players find it hard to score within the alloted time, make the goals bigger and/or make the pitch shorter to encourage shooting. 

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