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soccer coaching drill for running with the ball and working as a team

Age range: Use this soccer coaching drill from the manual Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 year olds. It is called "Chain gang races" and is suitable for children from the age of four but it can be used for all age groups, even 13-year-olds, and they all loved it!


  • Mark out two lanes about 20 yards long and five yards wide.
  • Place a large cone or pole at one end of each channel.
  • The players are divided into two teams and start at the opposite end to each cone.
  • The first player dribbles a ball up the channel, around the cone, and back to their team mates.
  • The starting player then links arms with the second player on their team and they dribble the ball up the channel, around the cone, and back to their team mates.
  • Each time, an extra player joins the chain gang until all the players are in the chain.
  • The whole team must negotiate the course and the turn without breaking and keeping their ball under control.
  • If at any time the chain breaks they must start again from the line without adding an extra link.
  • Play five rounds and see which team wins the most races.

Progression: one or more players in the chain gang must dribble a ball.

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