soccer coaching game for tackling and shooting skills

This game is "2v1 To Goal".

Objective: Improve tackling, passing and shooting skills.

Age group: U6s and upwards.

Number of players: Whole team.

Set-up: Play this game on a small sided soccer pitch with one normal sized goal set on the end line and two small goals on either side of the half way line.

How to play: Divide your players into attackers and defenders. Place a goalkeeper in the big goal.

The defenders stand on either side of the big goal.

The attackers wait on the halfway line, between the two small goals. They will attack the big goal in pairs.

A defensive player kicks the ball out to the first pair of attackers. The defender follows the pass and tries to win the ball back and score in either of the two goals on the halfway line.

The attackers try to score in the normal sized goal.

Coaching points

Change the defenders and attackers regularly.

Attackers should control the ball quickly and keep it in front of them.

If the defender is committed to stopping the ball carrier, the other offensive player should be in an open position ready to receive a pass.

Tell the attackers to stay out of the defender's shadow.

The defender should close the ball carrier down quickly and try to channel the attacker with the ball towards the sideline, away from the other attacker.


Offensive players are allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball before they have to pass.

Play with two defenders and three attackers.

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