soccer coaching game quick! pass!

This game is designed to improve speed of thought, passing and communication.

It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Set up: Place a goal at one end of a playing area 30 yards long by 20 yards wide.

Divide your players into two teams.

How to play: One team is designated as attackers and the other defends.

The attackers pass the ball to each other by throwing it. If an attacking player is tagged by a defender while they are holding the ball, the attacking team becomes the defenders.

An attacker scores a point for her team by throwing the ball into the goal.

Soccer coaching notes:

    The game is restarted by the tagged attacker who gives the ball to the player who tagged her.
    Netball or modified basketball rules apply: no physical contact, players are not allowed to run with the ball (as in netball) or are allowed a limited number of steps.
    The team that scores three goals first is the winner.

Place a second goal at the other end of the playing area and allow the attackers to score in either goal.

Put the ball on the ground and play a small-sided game with the condition the ball must be passed in a certain number of seconds or with a limited number of touches.