soccer coaching game to improve passing, receiving and support play

This soccer game is called "Spike Ball", it will improve passing, receiving and support play. But mostly it's just fun!

Age group: Any.

  • Divide your players into two uneven teams. Team A has at least two more players than team B.
  • Create an area between 20 yards square and 40 yards square, depending on the age and number of your players.

How to play:

Team A has a ball and play keepaway from team B. Team A earns a point for every four to 10 consecutive passes they can make without a player from team B getting a touch on the ball (the younger the players, the less passes they have to complete to get a point).

Team B has two balls. As well as trying to intercept passes made by team A, they try to throw one of their balls so that it hits team A's ball.

If they succeed, the teams swap possession.


  1. Players in team B who have the ball in their hands can only take three steps. This encourages the team to throw the ball around quickly and try to get close to team A's ball.
  2. Players in team B who don't have the ball can move freely.

Tip: To make keepaway easier, reduce the number of players in team B or make team A bigger.

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