soccer coaching game to improve shooting accuracy

Objective: to improve shooting accuracy.

Age group: U10s upwards

Set up: Split your players into teams of three or four.

Create a rectangular or circular pitch about 20 yards long/across for each pair of teams.

Place four small goals, equally spaced, around the perimeter of the pitch.

Place a triangular cone or other small target in the corners of each goal.

Tip: I use teddy bears as the targets with my U12s. Not sure what it says about them but they seem to enjoy hitting teddies more than cones!

How to play: Teams compete to score the most goals in a set time.

If a shot hits one of the cone (or teddy) targets, it counts double.

Progression: players to score with their first touch only

Add two 'keepers who each have two goals to defend.

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