soccer coaching drills and games for very young soccer players

The games and drills on this page are fun, easy to explain and are particularly suitable for soccer players aged up to about 8.

However, they can be used for any age group as warm ups or as a little light relief (12 and 13 year olds like to have fun too!)


ball tag
beehive, king of the ring, attack & protect, shadow dribbling, one-on-one
blob tag
blob tag
Circle Dribble Tag
circle game
drills and games that improve dribbling skills
dynamic passing
eleven simple soccer coaching games for young children
example soccer coaching practice plan for children aged 3 to 8
flag shooting drill
freeze tag
Get out of here
guard the castle
hit the cone
Hot potato
kick it out!
line game
musical balls
musical balls
Sharks and Minnows
shooting from corner kicks
simple games that improve passing and receiving skills
small goal passing game
soccer coaching lesson plan for 8 year olds
soccer games and drills for under 5s
soccer marbles
soccer tennis
Trick or Treat
U6 balance and co-ordination
U6 training games (pdf)
U6-U8 basic foot skill games
U6-U9 - moving with the ball


soccer drills and games for young children (part 1)

run and shoot

cone soccer



line drills (various)

soccer drills and games for young children (part 2)


kick out



give and go

egg hunt

ice monster

cops and robbers

camp town races


sharks and minnows

soccer drills and games for young children (part 3)

keep your yard clean

red light green light

coloured circles

dribble relay 

freeze tag  


last man out


ball tag

egg hunt  

follow the leader

death square

under pressure

the name game

the blind leading the blind

1v1 to goal