Let the game be the teacher!

To make your coaching effective with a team of youngsters (U10s), my advice is, ‘Let the game be the teacher’.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that young players come to football training sessions to play football, not to be coached. So we should let them play.

That doesn’t mean you can’t coach them – it just means you have to be bit clever about it.

A few do’s and dont’s:

Don’t play boring, static drills – play SSGs (small-sided games) instead. Games like the 1-0 game are brilliant for teaching possession, ball control and communication in a fun way.

Don’t spend more than 30 seconds explaining a game – if it takes longer than that, it’s not a good game!

Once in a while ask your players want they want to do and let them run a football training session while you watch.

Do what you feel is right for the kids, not what you think you ought to do.

Remember, football coaching sessions are meant to be fun for the players AND the coach! If you’re not having fun then they won’t be.

So relax. Enjoy it. Your players won’t be U10s forever (thank goodness!)