Summer soccer – be careful!

Summer football tournaments are usually an enjoyable way to spend a day – even if your team doesn’t get past the qualifying rounds!

However, even the most well run tournament will present some risks to the health and safety of your players. As coach it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is aware of these risks and takes sensible precautions.

One of the most significant risks (even on a cold day) is dehydration. It might seem obvious to you and me but you need to make sure that the children in your team bring plenty of drink (at least two litres of water or isotonic drink per person) and enough energy rich food to last the day. Not a couple of cans of fizzy pop and some crisps!

Another potentially serious risk is sunburn. I always tell my parents to make sure their children put on sun block before they arrive and bring some more to apply during the day.

By the way, don’t offer your own sun block to your players – they might be allergic to the ingredients.

Take a gazebo or tent so that players can have somewhere to rest out of the sun (or rain). And make sure someone knows how to put it up!

If the worst comes to the worst and you suspect one of your players has been adversely affected by the sun, follow the advice below (provided by St John Ambulance)

Heat Exhaustion



This information is provided by way of general guidance only and if in any doubt and/or where injuries are clearly serious, casualties should be referred to a doctor or hospital. This information is not a substitute for formal First Aid training.