Treating soccer injuries – the R.I.C.E method

The first 24 – 48 hours after an injury occurs are critical. You must use the RICE method if further damage and pain are to be avoided.

R = Rest rest the injured area to stop further damage and bleeding.

I = Ice should be applied as soon as possible as it slows down blood circulation which reduces bleeding and swelling. Do not apply ice direct to the tissue/skin, wrap it in a towel or cloth so the skin does not burn. Ice also has an analgesic effect.

C = Compression should be applied to the area as soon as possible to restrict bleeding at the injury. Pressure compresses blood vessels so preventing blood escaping through open ends of the torn fibres. Do not apply compression around a whole limb as it will starve other areas of blood.

E = Elevation allows gravity to assist the removal of swelling from the injured area and aids recovery.