A players’ code of conduct

the U9 version – by Chris White

Players should:

  • Play according to the rules and never argue with the referee or your coach. They are there to help and they can make mistakes, just like you.
  • Always train and play to the best of your ability, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Don’t lose your temper or get upset. Rudeness, bad temper and sulking spoils everyone’s fun. If you have a problem, tell your coach.
  • Respect the opposition. Treat other teams as new friends, you’ll be playing them again one day!
  • Look and act like a footballer. That means turning up for training and games on time, looking smart and in the right gear.
  • Don’t forget your water bottle!
  • Wear the right sort of shoes – trainers on hard surfaces, studded boots on grass.
  • Always wear your shinguards.
  • Clean your own boots and trainers!
  • Enjoy every game whether you win or lose!