Football (soccer) poetry

by Simon Icke

Touchline Shouting

Touchline shouting, that’s all I ever hear,

I’m so confused and filled with fear.

I’m only ten years old and football should be fun,

But with all this noise I don’t know which way to run.

“Get back in defence!” my manager shouts.

Dad shouts, “Get up front and deal with these louts!”

Loud mouth supporter, who knows all the rules.

(He takes the rest of us for fools)

Shouts, “What are you doing lad? Your head’s in a spin!”

Is it any surprise, with all this din?

I am only a boy, so why do you all try to destroy, what I’d love to enjoy?


© Simon Icke

‘published with permission from the author Simon Icke Copyright 1998 Aston Clinton, Bucks, UK’

This poem is dedicated to all old grumps in every road, avenue and street who has forgotten that they were once a child and played in the street.

Imagine in the old days before ‘Football Schools of Excellence’ etc existed…..How would the likes of Denis Law, Bobby Charlton , Stanley Matthews and George Best of learned their skills if they had been banned from kicking a ball in the street?


Down our street it’s ever so neat,

You rarely hear the sound of children’s feet.

Tidy gardens and pretty flowers,

No factory chimneys or towers.

Commuters who come home in their company cars,

That look at us as though we’re from mars.

We are supposed to be seen and not heard,

Dare we not say a word?

They don’t want us to be normal kids playing skating

Football in the road.

Maybe it’s because they are getting old?

Have they forgotten what it’s like to be a child?

Expecting us to be so meek and mild.

Did they ever kick a ball in the street or

Make the sound of childrens feet?

© Simon Icke

This poem was first published in Nov 98 in Aston Clinton School’s anthology of Football Poems…’Poetry in Motion..Football! Football! Football! Priced £2.99 plus postage. All profits to the school. Published by Simon Icke ISBN 0 9534562 0 X