101 Performance Evaluation Tests


Unless you are measuring the performance of your athletes you will be unable to accurately monitor the improvements that occur as a result of training. 101 Performance Evaluation Tests is therefore a must-have resource for coaches and serious, self-trained athletes alike.

The tests cover endurance, strength, agility, mobility & balance, power & speed and many more besides. The publication is an essential resource for anyone wanting to predict athletic performance or evaluate an athlete’s current level of fitness.

101 Performance Evaluation Tests will come to you in convenient PDF format, complete with illustrative pictures and direct links to online calculators that will make your training easier and more effective to monitor!




Every sports coach knows that the success of a training program is largely dependent upon satisfying the performance aims associated with it.

That’s why regular performance evaluation is so essential, whether you’re coaching a group of athletes or a self-coached individual. Because periodic testing and measuring is the only way to get the up-to-date, accurate and objective information you need to assess current performance, then make informed decisions about future training and competition goals.

However, before conducting a test you need to be 100% sure that it satisfies all the following criteria:

specificity (the test is designed to assess an athlete’s fitness for the activity in question)

validity (it tests what it purports to test)

reliability (the test is capable of consistent repetition), and

objectivity (it can produce a consistent result irrespective of the tester).

This brand new workbook, 101 Performance Evaluation Tests, is the largest, most complete and authoritative collection of sports performance evaluation tests there is. And it’s an essential tool for anyone wanting to predict athletic performance or evaluate an athlete’s current level of fitness.

Because 101 Performance Evaluation Tests covers all the principal facets of fitness– endurance, agility, mobility & balance, strength, speed & power and sports psychology, it’s able to meet every athlete’s requirements, not matter which sport they compete in.

We’ve even included several body composition tests, so you can gauge what sort of shape an athlete’s in, plus a handy set of VO2 max tables.

And here’s another major benefit of using this coaching resource that you shouldn’t overlook. A coach can easily become wedded over time to a particular test or sets of tests, often for no other reason than sheer familiarity. The more often you use a test, the more likely you are to use it again… But just because you’re used to using one particular test for endurance or power, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ones out there worth evaluating.

The question is: how can you be sure which performance tests are worth trying out?

Now you can, thanks to 101 Performance Evaluation Tests. Because we’ve included a considerable number of proven tests under each fitness category, today you have the opportunity to compare and contrast your own preferred tests for agility, say, with some of the other accepted tests.

Who knows, you might find an even better alternative to the one you’re currently using.

So take a quick look at the full list of performance tests we’ve included in this brand new coaching resource: Just think how many of them you could use with the athletes under your care.

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