64 Small-Sided Soccer Games: Volume 2


How would you like all your training sessions to offer players more games, goals and fun, whilst ensuring they learn the necessary skills and techniques to play the game?

The small-sided games in this manual are divided into several categories, so you can choose to run a series of different or similar games, perhaps depending on whether you are working defenders, midfielders or attackers.

They include: 4v4 games, four goal games, back four games, wave games, crossing games, end to end games, centre backs games, forward pass or wide pass, central or wide attack games, switch games, counter attack games, overload games and reaction games.

The manual’s easy to use layout provides three illustrations of the three phases of each game – beginning, middle and end – with accompanying instructions. There is a short overview to give you the basic idea, set up guide, instructions on what you get your players to do, the rules and a development or progression of the game. You can easily print in colour or black and white onto an A4 sheet from the ebook version, whilst the hard copy version comes with a useful spiral binding and wipe clean cover.




This manual groups together complementary games that can be used on one pitch. This means you can plan a training session in which several games are taking place in quick succession all in the same space, with minimal downtime for pitch setup. Players simply rotate from one game to the next so that they are constantly engaged and playing, avoiding standing around and waiting.

Players will develop mental alertness and will need to remain focused as each game has different rules they will have to understand before switching games.

Make your sessions fun and challenging with 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games: Volume 2.

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