Coaching Girls Soccer


Soccer Coach Weekly provides some sessions and tips on coaching girls.

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The growth of girls’ soccer around  the world has been phenomenal. And  the FA in England hasn’t been slow to  recognise that fact and allow mixed teams in England right up to U16s.

This gives girls a much better chance of staying in the game and then moving into women’s soccer – in the past girls have dropped out because there are no all-girl teams in their area so they cannot play.

Soccer Coach Weekly Editor, Dave Clarke is often asked about coaching girls, especially by coaches who inherit teams with girl players. One thing he always tells them is to embrace the opportunity because girls are so enthusiastic at training and in matches – motivation is not hard.

Dave has coached girls in teams and when they are the only female in the team. You don’t have to do anything different use the same sessions to coach them and always listen if they have any problems.

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