Dave Clarke’s Soccer Warm-ups Made Simple


Tired of searching around endlessly for fresh warm-up ideas? Fed up with all the rubbish on YouTube? Then look no further. This clear and simple manual provides 58 easy to coach pre-match activities for soccer coaches of all levels – and you can keep it ready to read or print out on your PC, laptop or tablet or handily resting on your bookshelf. You still have books, right?

Activities are divided into eight sections: warm-ups without a ball, dribbling, passing, possession, shooting, skills, technique, and there’s even one for goalkeepers! The big and bold illustrations in a landscape format, all with full written instructions, and spiral bound print version with wipe-clean cover, means this manual scores highly for user-friendliness.

Warm-ups are vital for youth players as they reduce the risk of injury and prepare young bodies for exercise or the stress of playing a match – they also prepare soccer brains, build team spirit and improve performance.

Warm-ups are the first things that happen in a session and they set the tone for the practice session or match – they range from the way an individual runs with or without the ball, through individual skills to the style, positioning and movement of the entire team. They are that important!



The simple layout of Soccer Warm-ups Made Simple makes it easy for you, the coach, to choose the correct warm-up for your session. The handy guide, which you will come back to time and again, explains 58 warm-ups in simple terms, with advice on how and when to coach them.

The contents represent the personal knowledge of author Dave Clarke plus that of the senior professionals he has worked with over the years. It offers an inspired range of training and match-day activities so players should not get bored but enlivened and driven to start each match or training session.

Good warm-ups are like gold dust, and this modern and progressive collection offers a vast array of great examples. No more players standing around looking tired, bored or cold. With the value-for-money ebook version you can print off individual activities, take them to training, and hand them to assistant coaches or even players to aid understanding or plan ahead.

Soccer Warm-ups Made Simple beats the competition with the widest range of training and match day warm-up activities. Others don’t match the detail provided in this superbly illustrated publication with clear and concise wording. Order your copy today and get each training or pre-match session off to a flying start without the hassle.

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