Developing a Culture of Excellence (online course)


This exclusive online course from the League Managers Association features tutorials from Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Roy Hodgson, David Moyes and Fabio Capello and offers an an exciting new way to take your coaching or management career to the next level.

If you work with professional, semi-professional, elite youth or senior amateur players (college players), our Developing a Culture of Excellence course could be right for you. The course, which is recognised by the FA and UEFA, will develop your skills and enhance your prospects by:

– Preparing you to be a head coach or manager

– Providing ongoing professional development to keep your skills up to date

– Helping to retain your UEFA Pro licence (you do not need to hold the licence to take part) by qualifying as a credit

I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much about myself. It was most valuable to listen to the managers speak about their experiences and how important values and objectives are in their team ethos. I learnt so much with all the different scenarios. Good module on communication and has helped me think about the way I will use communication in my future career” – Clint Hill, UEFA ‘A’ Licence Coach, Queens Park Rangers FC (with a career of over 500 games as a player in the English Premier League and Football League).

Rather than an attendance course or series of lectures, Developing a Culture of Excellence allows you to decide when you learn in your own time. Course can be taken on PC, mobile or tablet computer.


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The LMA School of Football Management Creating a Culture of Excellence course involves six modules:

1. Increasing your awareness of “What is a Culture of Excellence”.
2. Reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses.
3. Developing a set of values that define you.
4. Establishing realistic objectives.
5. Knowing how to achieve these objectives.
6. Improving your communication.

The courses are recognized by UEFA and the Football Associations of England, Scotland, Ireland and Iceland for the retention of UEFA Coaching Awards. In the first 12 months since the launch of The LMA School of Football Management in May 2010, over 3,000 coaches from 40 countries have already enrolled. Since the launch of the first course every Premier League and Football League club in England has enrolled at least one coach on to the course.

What are the benefits?

• Learn from the best in the world.
• Preparation for being a head coach or manager.
• Ongoing professional development to keep your skills up to date.
• Easy to access online for busy coaches and managers.
• Flexible completion times.
• Learn from practical problems.
• Reflect, discuss and learn from fellow learners over a period of time.

How will you learn?

There are four main learning methods:

1. Video interviews. Each section begins with a question, and the question is answered by a collection of the following managers:

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United*
Arsène Wenger, Arsenal
Roy Hodgson, England
David Moyes, Everton
Fabio Capello, Russia

*Clubs and countries correct at time of course creation.

Sir Alex Ferguson on the importance of management

They provide insights into leadership from the very top of the game. There are more than three hours of interviews in this course.

2. Tasks and website support. As a course participant, you will be given a number of online tasks to complete. These will encourage you to think about the way you currently work. You will be asked to complete activities in a course community website where you can share information and advice with other users. Only learners on the course have access to this community. In addition you will be provided with the following learning tools:

– Ask questions, share ideas and discuss common issues in an exclusive online discussion forum.

– View and manage your personal learning record. Access an archive of soccer management articles and links.

– Enjoy seminars broadcast on the web (webinars) from the comfort of your own home.

– View and contribute to blogs.

– Listen to podcasts sent to you by email

Arsene Wenger on the requirement for absolute commitment at the top of football

3. What if? scenarios. You will be invited to submit answers to made up managerial and coaching problems. You post your comments to other members of the learning community for other members of the group to view and comment upon.

David Moyes: managers should be respected rather than liked

4. Webinars. You will be invited to participate in six free webinars, one for each module. Each webinar will last 45 minutes and will be conducted by two of the online tutors. You can sign up to a webinar for free via the community website, once you are enrolled on the course.

Once enrolled you have over 3 months to complete the course. You can start and stop the course at any time, at your leisure, completing as little or as much as you want each time. There is no time pressure and no requirement to attend a “face-to-face” course at a venue.

All learners are tracked through the system to completion, and receive a certificate on successful finishing of the course.

Enrol now to get Developing a Culture of Excellence, plus get ongoing FREE access to the community website.

Remember – this course can be viewed on all Mobile and Tablet devices meaning that you can take the course at your own convenience! As soon as your order is received you will be contacted by the course organisers by email with your login details.

How long will the course take?

The content has been devised by Howard Wilkinson, Chairman of the LMA and the former Technical Director of the English FA. Sports Path has developed the content into e-learning modules
All six modules will take at least 15 hours to fully complete.

Once enrolled learners have over 3 months to complete the course. They can start and stop the course at any time, at their leisure, completing as little or as much as they want each time.

All learners are tracked through the system to completion, and receive a certificate on successful finishing of the course.

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