20 seconds to score!

Objective: To improve dribbling, passing, defending and shooting skills.

Players’ objective: To score a goal in less than 20 seconds.

Age range: U8s and upwards.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Set-up: Use an area 25 yards long by 20 yard wide with two small goals at both ends.

Divide your players into teams of three.

How to play:

  • One team attacks. The other team has two goalkeepers (who cannot leave goal areas) and one outfield player whose job is to try to stop the attacking team from shooting.
  • The attacking team has 20 seconds to score.
  • At the end of that time (or earlier if the sole defender can win the ball) the teams switch roles: Two of the attacking team retreat to their goals, and the two goalkeepers on the defending team come out and their team goes on the attack.

The teams score points in two ways: For every goal they score when they are attacking and by stopping the attackers from shooting for 20 seconds when they are defending.

Progression: The attacking team must make at least two passes before shooting.

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