2v1 Sieve

2v1 Sieve works on attacking and defending skills.

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Set up three to five 10×10 yard grids in a row. Place two lines of attackers at one end, and give a ball to all the players in one line. Position a defender in each grid.

Two attackers enter the first grid and try to beat the first defender, who cannot leave the area. If successful, they move into the next grid and take on the next defender, and so on. Every time they beat a defender they get a point.

Defenders only have to knock the ball out of the grid area to stop the attack. Each time the defenders stop an attack, they move up a space, changing places with the defenders in the grids in front of them.

The defenders become attackers by stopping an attack in the first grid. When this happens, the attacker who lost the ball goes into the last grid and becomes the new defender for that grid, the successful defender in the first grid goes to the end of the attacking lines, and the remaining defenders all move forward by one grid.

The first players to earn a predetermined number of points win.