Build up

Objective: To build attacks out of defence back using quick, accurate passes.

Age group: U8s to U14s.

Set up: Create a playing area about 60×40 yards or use a seven-a-side pitch.

Place two small goals at one end. These can be marked with poles or cones. Put a full-sized goal at the other end of the playing area.

Divide your players into two teams, distinguished by training vests.

One team has an extra player.

How to play:

The team with the extra player defends the large goal and has a goalkeeper.

All restarts begin with the goalkeeper who has to pass or roll the ball out.

Coaching points: Encourage possession, (“if you can’t shoot, pass… if you can’t pass forward, pass back”) quick, accurate passing, good communication and supporting play (movement off the ball).

Variations: Give one team two extra players and restrict them to two or three touches before they must pass or shoot.

The team with fewer players gets two points for every goal it scores.

Play five-minute games. Teams can only win by one goal – see The 1-0 Game.