Objective: to improve concentration and speed of transition.

Experience: any.

Set-up: for U10s, 40 yards long by 30 yards wide is a suitable-sized playing area. Place a goal at each end.

Split your players into four teams of three or four.

How to play: two teams play against each other while the third and fourth teams link arms and stand in opposite goalmouths. Their job is to try to stop goals being scored but they cannot use their hands.

Award one point for a goal and award one point to teams which stop a goal being scored.

When you shout “change”, the teams standing in the goalmouths come out and play each other on the pitch. The teams who were playing on the pitch link arms and go into the goalmouths.

Coaching points:

  • Encourage fast transition by deducting a point from any team who plays on after you call “change”.
  • To encourage your players to shoot, make the goals big and the pitch shorter.