End to end

This game encourages attacking play using dribbling, passing, forward runs off the ball plus teamwork and communication.

Age group: U8s to U14s.

lay offSet-up: Create a 40×20 yards playing area with a goal at each end. Mark the pitch into horizontal thirds.

Divide your players into teams of five or six, including goalkeepers.

How to play:

Each team nominates one player (a striker) to go into their opponent’s end zone. The rest of the team plays in the central zone. Strikers have to stay in the end zones.

Players in the central zone try to make a pass to their striker. When they do so, a second player can run into the end zone to receive a pass back from the striker and shoot at goal.

The striker then changes places with the player who ran into the end zone.


The game is played for 15 minutes. The striker is changed every three minutes, regardless of whether a goal is scored or not.

No central zone player is allowed in the end zone until a pass has been made to the striker.

Only one central zone player can run into the end zone to receive a pass from the striker.

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