Secret weapon

Objective: To create goalscoring opportunities for a specific player.

Age range: U8s to U12s.

Number of players: Twelve

Equipment required: Some flat cones, training vests, two goals, a few balls

Set-up: Divide your players into two teams of six (five outfield players plus a goalkeeper). Use training vests to differentiate the teams.

Set up a suitable size playing area with a goal at each end. For U8s, 30×20 yards is a good size. For U11s, try 40×30 yards.

How to play: Both teams get together and choose their “secret weapon” – the only player that can score for their team.

The teams whisper the name of their secret weapon to you.

Players who are not the secret weapon can shoot – and perhaps deliberately miss – in order to trick their opponent into identifying the wrong player as the secret weapon. This is a fun introduction to tactics and strategy.

Tips: Every player should be chosen as the secret weapon at some point – a great way to integrate new or shy players.

Make sure you remember who each team has nominated as their secret weapon. It’s your job to ensure only goals scored by the nominated player count.

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