Stop trying to score!

Minutes: 10-20 Players: 6-10 Ages: 9-99

Objectives: Passing, Controlling, Supporting in Space


OK, the title probably got you to read this far. Too many teams focus so intently on scoring that their entire approach is unidirectional–whichever direction the goal is in. Players focus on scoring so much that they never fully develop the ability to see space and control opportunity around them in other directions. This game solves that problem.

Setup just like a regular small sided game with even sides:

3v3 20×30 yds.
4v4 25×35 yds.
5v5 30×40 yds.

Oh, and there are no goals.

stop trying to scoreEach team needs to string together consecutive passes. Their score is the high count of the number of passes they can make consecutively without an opponent intercepting the ball.

After a few minutes they lose sight of which end of the field they initially perceived as theirs to defend. They start to move to space and they start to communicate.

If a ball is lost out of bounds, the other team brings it back in–set your own rule on dribble in or throw in, depending on how much work you need with throws.

If players still try to dribble too much, remind them that it’s the passing that counts. If it continues, you can institute a number of touches rule.