Take your chances!

Objective: to improve your players’ ability to take scoring chances quickly.

Experience: any.

Set-up: set up an area 30 yards long by 20 yards wide or use half a seven-a-side pitch. Place a goal on one end line.

Divide your players into two teams.

Tip: if you have more than eight or 10 players, keep the lines short by setting up two or more games.

Put a neutral player, an assistant coach or a parent in goal.

How to play:

  • Both teams line up next to you at the end of the playing area opposite the goal.
  • The first players in each team turn around so they have their backs to the goal.
  • Throw a ball over their heads towards the goal.
  • They both turn quickly, compete for possession of the ball and try to score a goal.
  • They play until the ball is dead – a goal is scored, the goalkeeper makes a save or the ball leaves the playing area.
  • The next pair step up quickly for their turn.
  • The winning team is the team that has scored the most goal after one or two rounds.


Award a point for a shot on target and two for a goal.

Get your players to sit or lie on their backs as you throw the ball over them.