Three and in

This is a classic game from the past that was played in the street, the park and the playground.

It’s a great way for everyone to have a turn in goal.

Objective: To score lots of goals!

Set up: Divide a suitably size playing area in two so there are two games going on in each half.

Split your players into groups of four plus two goalkeepers.

three and in

How to play: Keepers start the game by kicking or throwing a ball into space.

The players play against each other. Everyone is trying to score!

The keeper gets a “goal” for every save he makes and changes places with an outfield player after three goals are scored.

  • Who is the winner – the keeper or the outfield players?
  • Who is the winner between the outfield players.

Progressions: Play two teams of two against the keeper.

Players can’t enter an exclusion zone marked in front of the goals.

“The goalkeeper is the lone eagle, the man of mystery, the last defender. Less the keeper of a goal than the keeper of a dream.” – Vladimir Nabokov, Russian-born novelist

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