Where’s the goal?

This is a great way to help young players play with their heads up and work together to score goals.

Age group: U6s to U10s.

Equipment required: A pole, training vests, a playing area and a couple of balls.

Number of players: Six to 14.

Set-up: Create a scrimmage area. For ten U10s, I would use a 20-yard area.

Divide your players into two equal teams plus two players who are going to be the “goal posts”.

The goal posts hold a pole or stretch a training vest tightly between them. They move randomly around the playing area while the two teams try to score a goal by passing the ball under the pole or vest.

Play for five minutes, congratulate the winning team then change the goal posts.


  • Players score by passing to a team mate through the goal. A pass that is intercepted on the other side of the goal does not count as a goal.
  • Add a second ball.
  • Add a second goal. Players will now get more shooting chances but it’s even more important that they communicate and play with their heads up.

Encourage and praise:

  • Communication between team mates.
  • Teams that try to keep possession of the ball.
  • Accurate passing.
  • Meeting the ball (as opposed to waiting for a pass to arrive).
  • Supporting team mates.
  • Winning the ball back quickly.

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