Ball control skills

Age group: all age groups

Set up

Use a 10 by 10 yard square grid marked out with a cone at each corner.

Put players in groups of three.

One ball to each group.

Two players with the ball (players 1 and 2) are positioned on one side of the square and the third player (player 3) faces them on the other side.


The player with the ball (player 1) passes to the player on the opposite side of the square (player 3).

Player 3 receives the ball with the inside of the foot and takes the ball a couple of yards to the side in one action.

On his next touch he passes the ball with his other foot back across the square to player 2.

After two or three minutes change player 3.

Coaching points

Remind players that it’s important to give a good pass so it is easier for their team mates to receive the ball and control it away with their first touch.

Allow two touches to start before limiting players to one touch.

Remind the receiving player to move toward the ball.