First touch

Basic ball control drill to develop players’ first-touch soccer skills

Age group: All ages

Set up

Cones, 1 ball per group of 3 players, players are in groups of three with a ball to each group, two players with the ball on one side of the square and the third player on the opposite side


Player 1 (the player with the ball) passes to the opposite player (player 3) and sprints around the back of him.

Player 3 taps the ball to the side, first touch, as the sprinting player 1 comes around him.

The sprinting player passes first or second touch to the player facing him (player 2) who repeats the action.

After a couple of minutes change player 3.

Coaching points

Make this drill competitive by seeing how many passes each group can make in a minute or how long they can go without making a mistake.