Football cricket

Football cricketHow to Play 

Split the group into two teams.

Only one ball is needed. One team will “bat” first whilst the other “fields”.

A batsman scores runs by receiving the ball from the bowler, kicking it into the outfield and running around a marker 10 yards away. Fielders return the ball as quickly as they can to the bowler who tries to hit the wicket before the batsman returns. The batsman is “out” if the ball hits the wicket or if he is caught by a fielder.

Three “outs” change roles.

Changes to the Game


Outfielders can stop the ball with their hands rather than controlling with their feet.


Players can only pass with their weakest foot.

What to Look for

 Do The Players:

– kick the ball into spaces where there are no “outfielders”?

– Get their bodies behind the ball to control?

– In the outfield, work together to get the ball to the “bowler”?