Objective: To improve ball control skills, tackling and passing.

Age group: U6s and upwards.

Number of players: 10 players divided into two teams of five. If you have more than 10 players, create extra playing areas and play two games (with smaller teams if necessary) alongside each other.

Set-up: Create two 15-yard square playing areas with a five-yard gap between them.

  • Divide your players into two teams, one team per playing area.
  • Each player has a number.
  • One ball per team.

How to play: The game begins with both teams moving and passing to each other in their playing area.

After a few seconds, shout a number and the corresponding player runs into the other team’s square and tries to win the ball.

If they win the ball and kick it out of the playing area, they get one point for their team. If they can win the ball and take it back into their playing area, they get three points.

Allow 30 seconds for a steal to take place. If the defending team can keep the ball away from the attacking player for that length of time, they get a point.

Progression: Call more than one number.

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