Keep your yard clean

This game is called “Keep your yard clean” and is one of those simple, fun games that young children never tire of playing.

It’s very easy to set up and explain and you can play it with as few as four and as many as 24 players.

Objectives: To improve kicking technique.

Set-up: Create a playing area with flat cones big enough for the number and age of your players. With 10 six-year-olds I would use a 20-yard square area. With 20 eight-year-olds, 40 yards square would be more appropriate.

The playing area needs a halfway line.

Divide your players into two equal teams and put one team in each half of the playing area.

Each player has a ball.

How to play:

When you shout “go!”, the players try to keep their half (i.e. their “yard”) clear of balls by kicking their ball over the halfway line and kicking back any balls that their opponents kick into their yard.

Players are not allowed to cross the halfway line.

After a couple of minutes, call time.

The team with the fewest balls in their yard wins the game.

Progression: Kick with your non-kicking foot only.

Players have dribble the ball around a cone that has been set up in the middle of their “yard” before kicking it back.

Create a “neutral area” between the two teams where no player is allowed. This area can be as small as one yard and as big as 10 yards wide. The width is determined by how far the players can kick the ball.