Overhead kick

There is nothing more impressive than scoring with an overhead kick.

It’s tough though. Once you master it, you’ll be able to get in a shot, even when you have your back to goal.

Or clear the ball when you are facing in the wrong direction.

Practice it on soft ground to prevent injuring your back, but don’t overdo it.

You won’t make clean contact every time and make sure you’re not just going for an overhead kick to try and impress!

Step One

Get into line with the flight of the ball and keep your eyes on it throughout.

This skill is all about timing.

Most of the time you will be attempting this trick, the ball will be coming at you fast from a tricky angle so a good connection is vital.

Don’t try and kick it hard, just kick it clean – the movement of your body will generate the power.

Step Two

Jump up leaving your kicking foot on the deck and using the foot that you will not be kicking the ball with to propel you upwards.

Begin to fall backwards, keeping your eyes on the ball.

As your body sinks towards the ground, your non-kicking leg will be rising into the air.

Your kicking leg may still be on the ground.

Step Three

When the ball is in ideal range, whip your kicking leg off the deck into the back of the ball bringing your other leg back down quickly.

At this point, your upper body should be almost horizontal to the ground.

If the ball is flying to high, your body is probably too upright. It is the scissor movement of your legs that creates the power.

Step Four

As you fall, stretch out your hand to steady your impact with the ground.

Twist your body sideways to avoid landing flat on your back. Use your arms to cushion your landing, but avoid landing on your elbows or your head.