Running with the ball

Running with the ballDESCRIPTION:

Two groups of players at opposite ends of a 40 x 20 meter area, divided into two 40 x 10 meter channels. First player runs with the ball, down a 40 meter grid, before passing the ball across the grid to the second player. Exercise is repeated.
PURPOSE: to improve the first touch and the technique of running with the football and passing accurately at the end of the run.


1. Area of 40 x 20 meters, divided into two 40 x 10 meter channels

2. Supply of balls

3. Cones

4. Groups of players diagonally at opposite ends of the running channels


1. Meet the ball

2. Get the ball out of the feet – good first touch

Running with the ball3. Run quickly with the ball

4. Minimum number of touches.

5. Use the front of the foot – laces, to push the ball in front

6. Run in a straight line.

7. Use an unbroken stride

8. Head up

9. Composed accurate pass at end of run


Both groups start with a ball at the same time.

After the player meets the ball and controls it in front, have the second player in the group be a defender and chase the first player.

To improve fitness and speed, make the distance longer and make the groups smaller.