Simple ball control

Age group: All ages


This is a simple, unopposed soccer drill designed to improve the push pass and first touch. It allows the soccer coach to work with a number of players in a fairly small area.

Set up

Make a 15-yard by 15-yard square grid with marker cones at each corner.
Between two and four players stand at each cone.
One football at two adjacent cones.


Players pass – two touch – to the player diagonally opposite, then run to disc on their right.

Coaching points

  • Is body language relaxed and balanced?
  • “Play on your toes”
  • Eye contact and communication.
  • Accuracy and pace of pass.
  • Strike through mid-line of ball, keep it down.
  • Contact with inside of foot – not with toe end.
  • Follow through in direction of pass.
  • First touch – withdraw foot on contact.
  • Get receiving foot off the ground, “soft ankle”.
  • Move quickly following pass.
  • Encourage players to aim for a high standard.
  • Older players should be able to recognise and correct their own faults.