Six surface shooting

This soccer coaching game is good for practising kicking the ball with all six parts of the foot – the toes, sole, laces, inside, outside and heel – and showing your young players which ways of kicking are the most accurate and powerful.

Younger players will find it difficult to shoot with their heels and outside of their feet, but it’s good practice to let them try. Older players should be able to use all parts of their feet to kick the ball.

Set up:

Place a row of flat cones across the middle of a square playing area. Balance a ball on top of each one. Divide your players into two teams and line them up on opposite sides of the cones.

The distance from the players to the cones is determined by the age and skill of the players. The players on one of the teams have a ball each.

How to play:

The object of the game is to knock the balls off the cones by using different parts of the foot to strike the ball.

The team with the balls shoot first. Count the number of balls they knock off the cones. The balls are then reset and the second team shoots.

Each team’s players have five attempts at knocking the balls off the cones with each of the six surfaces of their feet (30 shots in total).

The team that scores the most ‘hits’ wins the game.