Three team keepaway

Objectives: To practice support play, ball control and ‘vision’.

Age group: U10s and upwards.

Set up: Create a 25-yard square with goals on two of the four sides.

Divide your squad into three teams.

How to play:

  • Two teams play keepaway in the area.
  • The third team is positioned around the sides of the square.
  • These players act as side supports, receiving and returning passes to the team in possession.
  • They cannot be tackled but should be restricted to two or three touches of the ball or have a time limit of four seconds to pass it back.
  • The team that puts together four or five passes (depending on the skill of your players) can shoot at either goal.

You can award one point for the required number of passes and additional points for scoring a goal. Play to a set score then bring the side supports on. The losing team becomes the new side supports.

Coaching note: Young players may have difficulty keeping the ball way from the other team, even for one or two passes. If they are getting frustrated, reduce the number of players on one team or make the playing area bigger.

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