Through the gate

This simple game works on your players’ ball control skills.

It’s particularly good for players of intermediate ability. But players of all ages and skill levels enjoy the competitive nature of the game.

When it’s played correctly, and well, it looks very impressive.

Set up:

Divide your players into teams of two or three. Create a 20 yards by 20 yards playing area for each two teams. Place a cone ‘gate’ in the middle of each playing area.

How to play :

Two teams play in each grid. Each team passes to the other team through the gate.

The rules:

Every player on a team has to touch the ball before it is passed through the gate.

The ball must not stop moving.

Players must use side foot passes only.


Each team starts with five ‘lives’. They lose a life for each infringement of the rules.


Players pass with their ‘wrong’ foot only.

They have two touches only.

They have one touch only.