Dribble races

This is such a simple game but it is one my players always enjoy playing.

Objective: To improve ball control.

Experience: Any.

Set up: A square playing area that’s suitable for the age of your players. If your players are very young, 20 yards by 20 yards is adequate.

Put four or five footballs in the middle of the playing area.

Spread your players around the sides of the square.

How to play: The first player runs into the square, collects a ball and dribbles it to the feet of a player standing on the side of the area. This is repeated until all the balls are with the outside players.

The player then collects the balls back from the outside players (one at a time) and dribbles them back to the middle of the square.

Time each player and see who can complete the game in the fastest time.

Tip: Set up two or more areas if you have a lot of players.

Key soccer coaching points: Encourage players to use both feet, turn quickly and keep the ball close.