Easy 2v2

Just about every youth football coach knows the value of playing SSGs (small sided games) and many think that 4v4 is an ideal way for children to learn the game.

But sometimes even 4v4 is too big and complex.

Four and five-year-olds (and even older players) need to practise 1v1 skills and build their confidence in smaller-sided games before being asked to solve the problems posed by four-a-side football.

This 2v2 game is an excellent way to help your players practise their first touch, passing and support skills in a relatively unpressurised environment.

Age group: U5s and upwards.

Difficulty: Easy.

Number of players: Eight.

Set-up: Create a 20 yards by 15 yards playing are with two small goals set 10 yards apart on both end lines.

Divide your eight players into four teams of two.

How to play: Play 2v2 in the playing area. Each team attacks and defends two goals.

The other two teams wait at either end of the playing area. As soon as the ball goes over an end line or a goal is scored, the team waiting at that end immediately start attacking and the team that scored or kicked the ball over the end line must defend. The team that was defending leaves the playing area and waits behind their goal.

Progression: Increase the playing area to 30 yards by 20 yards and play 4v4 with four goals.

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