Fast Feet

This game was sent in by George Quinn.

Objective: To improve dribbling and passing skills.

Age group: U5s to U10s.

Number of players: Whole squad.

Equipment required: Flat cones, balls.

Set-up: Create a cone circle big enough for four or five players to dribble around in comfortably. For U5s, a circle 10 yards across should be sufficient.

Divide your players into an even number of small groups. Three or four players per group is ideal.

One ball per group.

Spread the groups evenly around the circumference of the circle facing each other

How to play: On the command ‘Go’, the first player in each group dribbles their ball across the circle to the group opposite.

When they get there, they allow the first player in the waiting group to take their ball and dribble back across the circle in the opposite direction.

Coaching note: Clearly there will be considerable player “traffic” for each dribbler in the circle to avoid and this encourages them to maintain close control and play with their heads up. Don’t be surprised to see collisions between balls and/or players to begin with. As your players improve, they will avoid them.


1. Reduce the size of the circle to increase traffic density and make more demands on your players’ ability to dribble. Ask for “faster feet!”

Tip: The reduction in circle size can be quickly achieved by telling the players to pick up the nearest cone and take one step towards the centre before putting it back down.

2. Tell your players to pass immediately to their opposite number the moment they spot a possible route through the traffic. They then follow the pass to take up the receiver’s place as before. This encourages “heads up” and the same type of pass that they will need to execute in an opponent’s penalty area.

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