Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag

Easy to explain, fun and fast moving, freeze tag (or ‘stuck in the mud’) never fails.

Playing ..

Select 1 player who is “it”

Mark off a grid with cones 10 yards X 10 yards

Each of the remaining players should be standing in the grid with a ball waiting for the coaches whistle.

On the coaches whistle, the player who is “it” tags “freezes” as many players as possible

If a player is tagged, he/she must pick the football up, hold it over their head and spread their legs. They should be encouraged to shout ‘help!’ as loud as possible.

To get “unfrozen” another player (teammate) must dribble to and pass the ball through the spread legs of the “frozen player”.

Once the player is “unfrozen”, he/she resumes dribbling in the grid.

If a player dribbles the ball outside of the grid, that player is “frozen”.

Coaching Points

Players must dribble and keep close control of their ball.

Players must keep their head up and see where the “tagger” is located.

Players must dribble away from the “tagger” and dribble toward teammates
who need to be “unfrozen”.

Competition, Variations & Restrictions:

Coach should keep track of ‘records’, i.e.:

  • in how many seconds can a “tagger” freeze all the players?
  • the most number of players still “frozen” after a 30-45 second time frame.