Shark attack!

I played this game with a group of U6s last week.

They enjoyed it so much, it was hard to get them to anything else!

Shark Attack is simple, easy to explain, every player is involved and it teaches lots of essential skills.

What more could you ask for?

Objective: To improve dribbling skills (especially keeping close control of the ball and playing with the head up), turning with the ball and shielding the ball from pressure.

Set up: Mark a playing circle appropriate to the size of the group. For a group of twelve 10-year-olds, 20 yards across is ideal.

Every player has a ball and goes inside the circle except for two players – the Sharks – who don’t have a ball and stay outside the circle.

How to play: Players dribble around inside the circle and the two Sharks jog around the perimeter.

On your signal, the Sharks have 10 seconds to kick as many balls out the circle as possible.

Any players who lose their ball leave the circle and join the Sharks for the next attack.

The last two players left dribbling are the winners and they become the Sharks at the start of the next game.

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