Simon says

Your young soccer players will already know how to play this popular game. It’s a lot of fun for the little ones and it’s great for improving their ball control skills and concentration.

Purpose of the Game: to encourage children to run with the ball, keeping it close to their feet, and to carry out instructions.

Age group: three years old upwards.

Area Needed: 20m x 20m.

Equipment: flat cones to mark out the grid and a ball for every player.

Number of players: whole team.

How to play: Players dribble round the grid waiting for an instruction from Simon, the King of the Ring (that’s you!).

When you preface a command with “Simon says”  they must do it immediately. For example, if Simon says, “foot” they must stop the ball with that body part immediately.

If you don’t say ‘Simon says’ before the command your players should ignore it. If they forget and carry it out, just shout ‘gotcha!’ or similar. No-one is out of this game.

You can add other commands such as “change direction,” “go faster,” and so on.