This fun game was sent in by Gareth Beale, as it’s one of his favourite coaching games.

He has used it with players aged from four to 16, they’ve all had a blast and they’ve sharpened their shooting, defending and passing skills at the same time.

Age group: U7s and upwards.

Set-up: Create a short pitch with a very large goal (at least 15 yards wide) on each end line.

The size of playing area depends on the age of your players and the number in each team. As a guide, eight U7s would need a 20×15 playing area while 10 U10s would need 30×20.

Split your players into two teams. There are no goalkeepers.

Coaching note: If you have more than 10 players, create two playing areas and play two games of Snowball alongside each other.

How to play: The size of the goals, the relatively short pitch and the absence of goalkeepers means it is possible to score from almost anywhere.

  • Start with one player from each team on the field and encourage them to shoot as soon as they have an opportunity.
  • Every time one team scores, the other team adds a player to the field – the idea being to swing the advantage back to the other team.
  • Have players ready to sprint on as soon as a goal is scored and have some extra balls ready to throw in any time the ball goes out of play.
  • The game is won by the team that scores against an opponent that has ALL its players on the field.

Variation: Have three teams. The resting team can play as side support players and the winners can choose to stay on and play again or take a rest break.