Soccer coaching and pre-school children – what to expect

What to expect from U-6s

Coaching pre-school, (i.e., under six), children is a lot of fun!

Their enthusiasm knows no bounds, they will turn up for practice in the most severe weather conditions imaginable and they smile all the time!!

Developmentally, however, they are very different from children who are just two or three years older.

For example:

  • Most of your players will cry immediately when they get hurt. Some cry even when they are not hurt,
  • No matter how loud you shout, or how much they “practice” it, they can not or will not pass the football,
  • Somebody will come off the field in need of a toilet. Somebody will stay on the field when they should be going to the toilet!
  • The only player to hold a position is the goalkeeper (if you play with one.) Don’t even consider teaching positional play,
  • Twenty seconds after the start of a game, every player will be within 5 yards of the ball.
  • Several players will slap at the ball with their hands, or pick it up. Several parents will yell at them not to do that.
  • A model rocket that is launched from a nearby field will get 99% of the player’s attention. By all means, stop whatever you are doing and watch for a couple of minutes.
  • During a season, you will end up tying at least 40 to 50 shoelaces
  • They will do something that is very funny. Make sure that you laugh.